Cafe in the Park

Cafe in the Park

I am becoming a regular entertainer at Café-in-the-Park in the Rickmansworth Aquadrome. It is a great venue for up to 20 kids. There is a down stairs party room and a loft space set up ready for tea. The staff are really helpful and the food is excellent.

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April 14, 2014 · 9:34 pm

Henry catching a balloon ball

Henry catching a balloon ball

I did a show back in December and the mum Kate has been kind enough to send it to me. I fired a balloon ball up into the air and told Henry to catch it. It was a perfect shot and perfect catch

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February 6, 2014 · 6:32 pm

Entertaining at The Magic Circle

Entertaining at The Magic Circle

There is no job more prestigious that being asked to perform at the headquarters of The Magic Circle. Auntie Julie ditched the clown costume in favour of something a little more glamorous for a tribute night for Terry Seabrooke. The beautiful setting didn’t stop her doing her favourite jumping knot routine and having a game with Archie Bear

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January 19, 2014 · 9:34 pm

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Happy Christmas to everyone. It has been a fabulous season. I’ve been to my regular schools, Rowan, in Welwyn Garden City and Ashtree in Stevenage. I’ve been back to Woodlodge Montessori and Oak Lee Montessori. I’ve also been to both Four Corners nurseries in Goffs Oak and Cuffley. My final show was back at the Commerzbank in London – the biggest show of the year for me.

Now to the photo. Did anyone see ‘Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights’ on Channel 5?

That’s Mr Christmas, second on the left. I was involved in two fund raising evenings. One was the night the lights were turned on, by Billy Byrne from DIY SOS and the other was their Santa’s Grotto day. Both event involved a lot of balloon reindeers and for the second one, a lot of rain. The photo was taken in the playroom of Starfish Ward at Watford Hospital where Dave, Carol, Sharon ( not pictured) and her girls delivered presents left at the Christmas house. Several other sacks had been deposited at Action for Children.

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December 26, 2013 · 9:53 pm

Alice the magic bunny is retiring

There are lots of photos in this blog of Alice the magic bunny. I have happy and sad new for you. The sad news is that Alice retired this week. The good news is that Mr Pancakes has volunteered to take over.

Alice has been in Auntie Julie’s magic show for about 5 years. She is the best rabbit Auntie Julie has worked with.

Alice will spend her retirement in the garden in Croxley Green, playing with Mr Pancakes and her three feline friends, Gizmo, Jasper and Poppy

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First Ickenham Brownies – Circus Performers Badge

I had a great night in Ickenham today with the First Ickenham Brownies.
They were doing their circus performers badges.

Circus Performers Badge

First Ickenham Brownies

Everyone drew their clown faces. (I’m sorry if I haven’t got everyone’s here).

We learnt how to juggle and spin plates, then after a quick break everyone had a go at the Chinese Ribbons, Diabolo, Peddle-Go’s, Poi, Flower Sticks, and Juggling Clubs. At the end of the evening we put on a show for all the parent. Everyone passed their badges.

Why not have a look at Auntie Julie’s Facebook Page?

This is what you have to do to get your badge.

1. Learn two circus skills from the list below.

* juggling with three or more items (such as balls, rings, scarves or clubs)
* plate-spinning
* yo-yo (show three tricks)
* Diablo
* lasso
* stilt-walking
* tumbling and acrobatics
* unicycling.

2. Do one of the following:

* Make a set of juggling balls or bean bags.
* Perform your skills to a group such as your Six or unit.
* Try one other skill from the list of circus skills.

3. Visit a circus or circus-skills workshop. Tell the tester about it.

4. Do both of the following.

** Paint a circus clown’s face.
** Put on a short clown show.

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Another night at Gateway

It was a very crowded night at The Gateway club. The membership has soared to around 60 plus their carers.

I changed my special needs  magic show and did a few new magic routines. We had Alice the rabbit, the racing game and a drawing game. Everyone did really well. We had a star magic act as well, in the form of  magician James Tetlow who did a lovely d’lites routine

IMG_3115 IMG_3142

Childrens entertainer in watford with James Tetlow Kids party entertainer in Watford Auntie Julie with the Gateway club

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